Red Light Therapy was first discovered by NASA scientists looking at plant growth in space. They found that plants exposed to red light outgrew their non-red light counterparts. Since those first observations in the 1990’s, NASA and the scientific community have further researched red light therapy and the possible benefits for humans. They found that utilizing red light through LED’s at certain wavelengths can elicit a myriad of benefits for users.

Well known benefits of red light therapy range from anti-aging by stimulating collagen production, muscle recovery for athletes, better sleep, increased energy and ATP production, and decreased inflammation.

At Happy Whole You, we have a full body, state of the art red light therapy bed unlike an other in Fort Collins or northern Colorado. This safe and non-invasive process is unique in that it closes onto the user, surrounding them in a 360 degree tube of red light exposure. Most other products are panels that must be stood in front of and therefore miss sections of your body. Along with increased surface area for exposure, our bed incorporates Nogier Frequencies into the 30 minute session.

Dr. Paul Nogier was a French neurologist who discovered specific healing benefits of the body when exposed to these seven frequencies. The frequencies are also the harmonics of the musical note D. Each frequency targets sick cells through vibration that allow the cells to regain their original healthy vibration. These functions include:

Nogier Frequencies:

-Cellular Vitality (292 Hz)

-Nutritional Metabolism (584 Hz)

-Movement (1,1,68 Hz)

-Coordination (2,336 Hz)

-Nerves (4,672 Hz)

-Emotional Reaction (73 Hz)

-Intellectual Organization (146 Hz)

Red light and Nogier Frequencies combine to create a cutting edge treatment like no other you’ve experienced. Swing by and snag a session for yourself in our specialty red light therapy bed. We know you’ll love the results!